Oliven + Öl Compagnie GmbH

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Mediterranean lifestyle fresh from the Allgäu. Not only there but also well beyond, the Olivencompagnie and the Olivenstand is known for high quality, premium products and finely refined delicacies. Distributed through their own shop, at markets throughout southern Germany or through selected retailers throughout Germany. The love for the products, the high quality and the Mediterranean way of life – this is the core of the brand, this is what makes it what it is – through the appearance this becomes noticeable.

In addition to the development of the brand and corporate identity, a responsive internet presence with a TYPO3 content management system was developed, designed and implemented. Product and image photography in cooperation with Daniel Schvarcz, packaging, bags, brochures and much more. We have been supporting and developing the Oliven + Öl Compagnie since 2006 in continuous and friendly cooperation.


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